Stressless dressage

The perfect opportunity to settle a young or nervous horse before starting your test. Warm up as usual but have an extra 5-6mins in the arena before starting your test. Tests will be on 10minute intervals instead of the usual 7. No pressure wondering how quickly the judge will get the previous person's final crits completed. If you are ready to go before your time that's fine too

Dressage League

Points will be available for all levels. Points will be given according to the rounded percentage and placing.
Total points per competition will be recorded. Your percentage score will be added to the points according to placing

Example for a class size of 6

1st on 68.2% = 68+6=74 points
2nd on 67.7% = 68+5=73 points
3rd on 65.4% = 65+4=69 points
4th on 63.5% = 64+3=67 points
5th on 62.0% = 62+2=64 points
6th on 60.5% = 61+1=62 points

Example for class of 3

1st on 63.5% = 64+3=67 points
2nd on 62.0% = 62+2=64 points
3rd on 60.5% = 61+1=62 points

Showjumping league

Points will be given according to placing. Max number of points = number of entries in the class

Classes will go up in 10cm intervals starting at 50cm cross poles. Entry to 1 league per combination

Cost per class: £6 for members and £8 for non-members for both dressage and showjumping

Helpers League

Point system - 1pt /hr per dressage, 2pts /hr for show jumping, 2pts /hr annual show

Or: Dressage - 4 hours help = free class, Show jumping - 2 hours = free class, Annual Show - 2 hours = free class (this includes setting up