Why Join Strathisla Riding Club (SRC)

British Riding Clubs

We are affiliated to the British Riding Club (BRC) giving you even more benefits including:- 3rd party insurance at BRC affiliated activities and rider magazine four times a year - for more benefits visit BRC website

Strathisla riding club is part of Area 22

Club Constitution

Membership form 2018-2019

Helpers Needed!

Events cannot be run without the help of several volunteers at each event
If you have time before the start of an event or at the end to help with setting up or putting away then please get in touch.
We also need helpers for training - a super way to learn!

As a thank you we will be holding a helper's points league throughout the year with a prize at the AGM. We will also be giving discounts to helper's towards their next SRC training or competition.

Dressage Showjumping Annual show

set up arena
writer for the judge
dismantle arena

Help build the course - there will
  be a committee member to
  state the position of jumps
Take entries (on the day)
Arena party
Dismantling the course

Rope arenas
Building the working hunter course
Take entries on the day
Give out numbers
Arena Stewards
Score collecting
Writer for judges
Dismantling arena/jumps

Helpers League

Point system - 1pt /hr per dressage, 2pts /hr for show jumping, 2pts /hr annual show

Or: Dressage - 4 hours help = free class, Show jumping - 2 hours = free class, Annual Show - 2 hours = free class (this includes setting up

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